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Friday, January 26, 2007


Beautiful yarn and cute sock blocker!

It's perfectly normal to show people your socks; I do it all the time and everyone knows I'm normal ;)

I'm glad you like it! :)

Ooooh!! That is a really cool color combination!! That ScoutJ is one talented dyer. Maybe some day i'll be able to join in the swag fun.

I cannot wait to see your finished product...whatever it is. Heehee!!


Showing off your socks is perfectly normal. If it isn't then I am in trouble. *g*

I was flashing my socks today..the diet coach said pull up your pants leg so I can measure...when she said "pretty socks" I said I made them..yeah, she was impressed. I am sure when I walked out of the gym she was telling all of the muscley men. They had their noses pressed up against the glass trying to catch a glimpse...

Oh I always flash my socks. Sad thing is that I don't have a bazillion pair so I make folks look at ones they have already seen. They usually say "nice socks" or something similar which either means they love me and want me to feel good, or..and this is a possiblity..maybe they're scared of me *G*

Where's your Saturday Sky... geeeez... you show us some weeds, but no sky.

Nice yarn. I love the colors.

Love the sock blocker. Please let me know how you block socks on them.

Those are gorgeous colors. Cookie can you email and tell me about Scout's Indie Swag. I tried finding something out about and couldn't.

Thanks and hugs!!!!

Pretty yarn!! I hope I get mine soon. Need to email Scout...

Oh and sock blockers don't need practice. Just put the sock on it like you would your foot. :D *L*

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