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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Mitts to match...how nice is that...

Love those little daffodils - they always seem to signal spring!!! And, even though we've not had a terrible winter...I am getting ready for spring...


How wrong is it of me to think the 16 cup rice cooker thing is funny as fuck now?

Oh and I could totally use a two cup mini Hello Kitty Rice Cooker for making Sushi/Onigiri rice... but yeah 16 cups for a single person? *SNORT*

That's nutsy.

Shoulda got a Crock Pot. I vote he still gets one. At least then he could cook some pot roast to put over his rice. ;^)

Love the Mitt. That Patons knits up nicely. :D

I wish WE had flowers.



seriously, I like my rice cooker (you can do other fun things with it I swear. that said I LOVE MY SLOW COOKER we think of it as a member of the family (it does most of the cooking) =) the fingerless is beautiful.

I love paper whites! They say spring to me too.

Very pretty fingerless mitts.

Love the mitts but seeing the flowers really make me smile. Since it's been a quite gray winter their cheery faces make me happy. But hooray, our drought is improving.

Oh! I totally forgot to tell you...you know how when we first did the "Fetching" pattern we forgot to do the cables C4F on the second one? Did the same damned thing on the pair i made last weekend! Short term memory problems, i guess.

I love my crock pot! It's in storage here, but i love it anyway. :)


I have both. And we use the rice cooker a LOT!!

Stop knitting with purple stuff. I want it!

My irises (irisi? iris'? - I don't know- ask norma) bloomed for Christmas... so maybe I'm not jealous YET! I'm going to scour the ground for signs of life in my garden.. tomorrow.

It turned out to be sunny on the drive to LA, but coming out of the doc's was cloudy and cold and downright ICKY!

Rice cooker! Forgetting a stew on the stove for an hour or so is not a big deal. Forgetting the rice? Also, some rice cookers, ours included, can be used like slow cookers for smallish stews and certainly for long cook oatmeal. That said, we have both and they get a fair amount of use though the rice cooker gets used year round and the slow cooker sees most of its use during the winter.

You are way to funny. I see you are on a purple roll, and I'm just loving it. OMG I am sooooooo tired of sunny, I know kill me know LOL. I sooooo want SNOW - I'm so tempted to head out for Alaska.


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