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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Happy Birthday! I'm sure the inspiration for that second sock will come along.

Happy Day!!! Either finish the second sock or learn to hop!

oh dang. I wrote it down wrong. I thought it was today (Tues). It's not my fault..I'm old and the brain is going.

Happy happy happy birthday. May there be much happiness and yarn in your future.

I add...

Today is Tuesday? Really? o.0

It is today, sweetie. You didn't write anything down wrong.

Happy Birthday Sweet one!!!!

He-he! I'm thirty one - we should hang out!
It's a bit more than 7 years off my true age though.

Happy Birthday!

It told me I was 24... I was aiming for 15.

Happy Birthday. You still have another 13 years before you're allowed to have a mid-life crisis.

You got SSS by osmosis. Maybe this means I'll actually finish a pair!
Start a new one, finish it, come back and finish the first pair. Break it up a little.

Happy Birthday!! :D You are a fabulous and frisky 82... wait the knitting math ate my brain that's wrong.

Oh and I woke up freaking out thinking it was Wednesday. o.0

Maybe it's just going back and forth on cables you need a break from. I vote you cast on to a new project. :D Maybe it's time to start looking through your lace weight's and patterns. ;^)


Happy, Happy Birthday! Celebrate and enjoy it. You're only 30 once;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (And to think you never mentioned it today.)
That sock? How abuot using it as a Holiday sock for the little one? Or fill it with cat nip for her. Wheeeeeeee!
Hope you got to enjoy your day.

Hope your day was simply splendid...just like you are!

It's your bday, you are entitled to have sock resistance...

Mid life crisis...heck, I'm the poster child!

OMG!! I'm a pod!! I'm so sorry this is belated, i've been down and out.

Happy Birthday, Dear!!!


It was your birthday?? And me? Oblivious and too busy?? crap.
Hope it was happy. xoxox

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