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Thursday, January 04, 2007


You are awesome, you know that right? ;^)

Thank you so much for the kickass fetchings and socks. I had no idea that sock Garden would look so cool. Your toe up and short row heal are perfect with that yarn. :D

Oh and the fetchings pretty much live on my hands in the mornings while I work and in the evenings when I knit. ;^)

Looking for a cool scarf pattern to use the rest of Dave's yarn with. I've done a few swatches. Thinking maybe of that So called scarf thing. Not sure though. Any ideas?

Thank you so much, sweetie. Sorry I couldn't get the pictures to you sooner.

You really did knit a lot of cool stuff in 2006. Can't wait to see what comes out of 2007! :D


And why couldn't you push a boy out of the basket... or off a roof for that matter? Huh?

Just keep going with the sweater... it's all design elements!

I'm in favor of shoving the boyfriend in to a closet. ;-)

Well, maybe sweater needs to go into timeout for a bit. The socks turned out great. Toe up..I really need to learn that this year. But I wonder if when you do that you end up with that ridge on top of your toes like you get with some storebought. There's just so much to learn .. sigh


I too have had the sweater issues. I am going to knit some sort of sweater in 2007 I posted it on the Internet, it must be true, right? Isn't everything true that is posted online?

LOL I think there is a sweater issue going around. I want to knit a real comfy one but just haven't committed. Speaking of... why can't we shove them in a basket and forget them for a while, LOL I think that sounds wonderful!!!


Ooops! I read the "Otter's" comment too quickly and thought she said, "...kissass fetching and socks..." ROFL!!!

Those pink/purple socks turned out really cute! I've never tried tow up. Hmmm. Maybe something new to learn this year??


I know the name of a good sweater shrink. Works well with fabric and knitting issues, helps mend broken yarn relationships. Gets your old love back on track.

Interested? (holds breath and hopes not or I'm gonna have to come up with another lie.. *grins*)

I lovve those fingerless mittens! So very cool! And the socks? They want me. I just know these things. I have sock savvy.

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