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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sun? What's that?

You want us to bet on when you snap? As in when you snap in the future? I thought that happened a LONG time ago.


For me?!?!?

i totally agree about the mindless greys knitting my socks grow so much during that hour (too many Mchotties there for me!! =)) drool)

Love that color! Hurry and finish the scarf and send it all my way. We're supposed to be having way cold weather and more snow. So here I am..a knitter..wearing a rather shabby fleece scarf LOL. but I do have a hat and fingerless gloves so that's a start!

That's a great hat, love. It's perfect. Love your decreases. :D

Oh and it's not a bad picture.

Can't wait to see the matching set. :D

Hmmm...why aren't you modeling the hat. I would love to see you with your hair all mooshed down with the hat with that ready to snap look in your eyes.

Ok, i'm placing bets on the snapping. It'll hit you about 12 inches from the end of the scarf...wheneer that is. ;P


I love the color of your hat! Very pretty. It wouldn't take long for me to snap doing 5X5 ribbing!

Nice, neat hat. Oh can we see the mittens?

Like the hat and love the color...but, of course, purple is my favorite color...

That hat is AWESOME! The color is great, but your knitting is so precise. I don't see any blips anywhere. Of course, if it's too hot out your way, we have some COLD weather up this way.

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