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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Great package! You care what the post office thinks? Dang girl, should of asked for the URL.

You looked at each others socks and didn't share urls? Shame on you! That's like getting to third base and not going all the way! That's like getting new yarn and not knitting with it. That's like ... oh wait! I get new yarn and don't knit with it ... I'm also too shy to ask for someone's url, even after sharing socks. Um ... never mind. *g*

See, being a guy and doing that, I only get weird looks. I saw a woman at work knitting, and I went over to chat wtih her. Just the fact I knitted got me looks. And when I pulled up my pant legs to show I was wearing my own hand knit socks, THAT got me a look. So, won't try that again. Nope, not me.
At least I didn't get my arse kicked.

One time I talked to someone about their knitting. I was at a starbucks and SWORE it was a handknit sweater.. no..she bougt it. :(

LOL @ these comments.

Yeah. Small world indeed. Very cool!

My Soldier Socks have been on hold while i've had the cold though, i'm afraid of sneezing some stitches off of the size 1 (US) DPN's. Trying to pick up stitches in black yarn is NOT easy!!!

I did however make a hat on size 10 DPN's and am now working on another hat that was requested by a friend for her husband.

Maybe socks later today or tomorrow.


Lovely Gifties! :D

I wouldn't have been able to ask for her URL either. Although it is cool that you had a situation like that. :D

So where's the yarn cake at the card at? *L*

Nah. I just wanted so bad for someone to say that.
Perhaps you need some "business" cards?

You know, I have been seeing your name around blogland for a while now, and I decided that it was time to actually READ your blog!

I think that you are close to me..... I'm up highway 50 near South Lake.

So Hi!!! From a new reader!

Don't look now....I think that Jenn chick is stalking you. Writing your name on all of those bathroom walls is finally paying off.

Whew...it's a good thing the two of you didn't have on handknitted underwear. A lot of people ask to see my handknitted socks. So far I have only been able to give away one pair of socks..to a very special friend, and she loves them.

That Susan..what a talented friend!

Ha, I can say I would have asked but since I get such odd looks if I mention my blog, nah...I probably wouldn't have.

And Otter, that yarn cake is still sitting on the desk trying to decide if it will disconnect from the top LOL.

Glad you liked it, sweetie. Like I said, the card was a good excuse to get brand new glitter glue! I'm pretty much in the construction paper phase too. But I like to glue LOL

It was me! Really! Shame on you Sandy for stealing my thunder :-).

Hi, Cookie. I'm the woman from the PO and sorry to say I don't have a URL. I just don't have that much to say that anyone would want to read but I'm glad you do. I love the messenger bag!!

And re: the card design, I'm taking a Photoshop Elements class at Sunrise Tech Center (through San Juan Unified School District). The level three class is for digital scrapbooking and these techniques can be used for cards too--if you decide you need another obsession. It is addictive.

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