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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Count me in! But you knew that. *L*

You host and all the stuffies and we'll knit and share what we have. Sounds like much fun! :D

I think that's a purple/blue/grey... Dave?

You making that a feather & Fan stole type thing or a scarf?

Oatmeal? Did you have raisons in it?

Hmm oatmeal with chocolate chips sounds kinda good, not healthy or anything but kinda good. *L*

I'll play! I have a single skein of Dave's and an itching to cast on for socks.

I'll play! :P Now, I do have some of Dave's Banana Lace Cake in my stash, but it's too small for my floppy paw. I may have to buy some. Double :)

Are we going to have an update soon Dave? Dave? I hope he's dyeing his little heart out!

The pepper sounds painful. YIKES! But the oatmeal actually sounds perfect for this icky cold day. I think Otter's on to something with the choco chips. YUM.

please excuse me, I'm hopped up on starbucks WHEEEEEEE!

Me...Me...ME!!! I just ordered some Dave sock yarn this week. I have some in the stash too and I am feeling the Dave yarn love and I am ready to whip something up.

:::shoving the green scarf and sweater under the chair::: what other projects?


Let's have a little Dave love and fill up his project gallery with our creations!

I have some Dave yarn floating around house - count me in! Woo Hoo!!!

Awww, YOUGUYS! You're all so sweet.
That yarn is Lilly of the Nile (I think that's it, if you were gifted it from Otter.) The 220 is curious, though, it should have an ML000 number series.

OOH, I haven't knit or purchased anything from Dave...yet...I'll have to go over and look. I read his blog all the time and Scout speaks so highly of him.

Hey, Paul sent me over here. I love the Dave Daniels knit-along! However, I am a total klutz on the computer. What steps do I need to go through to join the party?

I'm in, if you'll have me. I'm a long time fan of Daves and would love to join. It's just so hard to decide what yarn to use, I have so many beautiful colors of his and, do I make socks? Shawls? Scarves? Mittens? Mitts? Oh well, if you start a Dave Daniels Fan Club knit along I'll try real hard to figure out what to knit.
Sheri in GA

Yeah. Odd that. Paul sent me over here too. I failed to scroll past the first post to realize i'd missed a few in my cold induced haze.

I LOVE that color!! Make more Dave!!! I must have!

Shit!! You're really trying to get me to cast on this Gingerbread laceweight of Dave's aren't you?!!




I'm gonna need a button for this!! And i'm crap with graphics, which is why i have no real blog button of my own! ::::cries:::


I only have one lone skein of DD laceweight, but I'm dying to knit it. I need suggestions, a knit-a-long would be great, count me in!

I'm in!!! I was just thinking about starting a new pair of socks...think they will be made with the yarn from Dave's place instead of the other yarn I was looking at...

You're really making me break into my Dave stash, aren't you????

I just might be interested in a Cabin Cove Yarn-A-Long!

Sounds like a great idea!!!!!! :)

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