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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Glad your mother was the stronger of the two in that relationship.

Thank goodness for you mom.

And SO cool to see your scarf there!

Cookie: I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me until this moment that one of the reasons the Red Scarf Project means so much to me is because my husband WAS kicked out, long before I met him. He started paying rent (more than my current mortgage) at around 14 or 15, and worked full-time jobs through school. He was kicked out when he was 18, even though he still had a year of high school to go, mostly b/c his stepmother found out his mother was paying his "rent" and there was no way to get more $ out of him.

I saw your (gorgeous) scarf on Norma's blog, which is what brought me over. I'm already working on a scarf for next year, and may try cabling (it scares me, though).

:::bringin' the tissues here too::::


Those aren't tears... it's umm raining? a leak?
Bah Humbug! :)

The Red Scarf Project was just wonderful for me. It was the first real charity knitting I had done...and then when I just read Norma's post I was in tears, too...Guess the truth is that I am thankful for what I have and that I can share through these types of projects with those who might be struggling a bit more than myself and my friends. It makes me thankful...

oh my thank god for your mom that kind of strength is incredibly inspiring. def. needed tissues for normas post, thanks for the warning.

Oh thanks for the heads up. what a post! And it makes me a bit more hopeful. I know too many of the younger generation that have had it good and are planning to continue that way by bumming off mom and dad. Maybe I'm just jealous

Yay for your mama! And yay for you! I was so excited to see your scarf there...and to me it will always be Cookie's Mistake Rib pattern *G*

You had a good mom. *sniff, sniff*

You know, charity knitting is something that is near and dear to my heart. As much as I whined and complained about those darn scarves for the red scarf project I enjoyed making them, knowing that somewhere someone out there would open a box and feel the love.

I think as knitters we don't realize how this simple act of giving and love can really touch the receiver. I have experienced this quite a few times and it still brings tears to my eyes to know these small gestures can really make a difference.

Sometimes I wonder how I make it on my own now.

Like someone else said, you had a good mama, and you're a good person to try to help others.

Your Mum made the right choice.

You know how I feel about the father thing.


That's cool that she got to wear your scarf in the photo shoot. :D

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