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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, you still could do photos. I wonder too what the neighbors think. My landlord caught me one day with some socks in a bush, taking pictures. I just kind of looked at him like "What? This isn't normal?"

Hey, that's the second imte that the word Pollywog was used in a knitting blog. How totally WEIRD. Pretty blue sky. Our's is grey. And there is wet stuff falling out of it. NOT pretty.

Socks?! I have to wait another day to see them. You are so mean to me! *L*

I'm glad you are using your parrafin hand spa thingy. ;^)

Gimme a letter...

I feel like I should have my cheerleading sweater on tonight reading your blog..GIVE me a P...

..as if I was EVER a cheerleader? Cheerleader reject...psshhhh...I look at where some of those former cheerleaders are today, it's not pretty..and they look really old..and fat..and bloated.

..maybe I made up the bloated part.


Your driver's license name is Pookie?
/runs away giggling.

Ohhh! I want a letter, I want a letter. *jumps up and down n giggles* (while laying in bed pretending she's not sick)

That was fun! Lets do it again sometime!

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