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Sunday, December 31, 2006


You're a tease to even mention spring at this point! Happy New Year!

I'm certainly glad to have met you!

Send me the sock and I'll kitchener it up for you in just a few minutes. I finally do it so well, and I don't need to use the video any more.
My life is more enriched by having gotten to know you this past year.

Thank you for letting me in to your world and for becoming a part of mine.

Happy New Year! And thanks for sharing yourself with this blog...you're a hoot.

It is absolutly NOT weird to sleep with knitting in progress. That would make me weird... and I'm not... at least that's what the voices tell me. :)

I'm trying to finish a fetching I started last night at 2 a.m. when even the weather channel wasn't interesting.

You mean there are people out there who *don't* sleep with half knitted socks?? How do they get all cozy and stuff??

May your New Year be everything you wish it to be!


Too bad that sleeping with a sock doesn't make them reproduce! I look forward to you being in my life in 2007. I could probably finish a sock in an evening 'when pigs fly' *G*

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