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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Re 04. Promise is most definately cancelled out. Unless, of course, you start speaking to that person again, in which case, it gets a bit dicey. Best course is to make a second promise to not speak to this person at least until spring is over. Then you're safe.

I like that sweater a lot. I printed out that pattern trying to fool myself into thinking I might actually knit a sweater one day..

It could happen..

Not to self? ;)


Consider the promise canceled unless the reason you are not talking to them is simply because they are out of town. Blaze looks like a fun knit.

Oh, and as for my forgetting chocolate ... I am just THAT tired.

I'm not even sure I dare say it aloud but I think Bloglines might be better. Shhhhh.

Knock on wood! KNOCK ON WOOD RIGHT NOW!!! Bad Carole! You dared to taunt the bloglines god!


OMG I love Blaze. Okay I think we need a Blaze KAL, what do you think???

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