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Friday, December 22, 2006


Dayum! SCORE!

OMG! She sent you that stuff already? That woman...
Glad you like everything. As you can tell, she sure thinks the world of you. And that silk kaleidoscope yarn? That's going to be in the Debbie Bliss 2008 calendar, October 6 to be exact. It'll be worth LOADS soon. (I wish, huh?)

Wow...that's a major score..and there's more? You obviously know the right things to say to the right people! *G*. My screen got all drooly when I saw the Kalidescope on Dave's site. I'm so glad someone I know got it, and looking forward to seeing what it becomes. And of course, the pink is YOU. Happy Bunny is sooo bad and I laugh everytime I see one of those shirts. See, I told you I'd be by when I got home *G*


I have a ton of h.b. socks because I can wear them at work and smirk knowingly.

...no one deserves it more....


Glad you like it all, sweetie. *bouncy bounce*

I can't wait to see all the uber faboo things you knikt up in the coming year. :D


I already do hate you, so you may as well spill all the loot. ;)

Doggon hag got some of Dave's yarn. Hrmph!! ROFLMAO!!!


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