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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Your cables are fantastic. They all go in the right direction on the left hand and in the left direction on the right hand. Go Cookie!
Sorry your week has been crap. Make yourself feel good by knitting mitts for our favorite Otter.

Those are beautiful! And I was very impressed that the cables were...uhh...I think I'm looking for some sort of technical word, but I'll just say that they are looking at each other. I love that!

Such pretty girls! Wait... those are girls right?

Very cool job on the twisty cables. And I've had a made love affair with the Kathmandu. I wish I could afford a whole sweater's worth, too.

Ooooh baby! Look at the set of cables on those girls! They have curves in all the right places.

Love how you snuck bloglines in there.

The fetching mitts are great. And nice cables, dude.

The cables are awesomely beautiful. I am speechless by their magnificence. Seriously though,if I wasn't in the middle of summer I'd be tempted by the mits you've made.

I have a ball of this yarn in a dark teal. I am now dropping everything to make up a pair of these. Thanks for doing the math. I can only hope that mine turn out as nice.

Those cables just tickle me pink! Excellent job...as always.

Ooooh, look at the purty cables....all in a row. ;)


I just love those mittens. What a wonderful job from someone who said she would never knit mittens LOL. Don't you love it when words come back to haunt you hehehe


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