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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Wind sucks...we're having gusts up to 60 mph and everytime the swamp cooler cover flaps the little dog starts barking. I'm ready to grab some duct tape...or maybe slip her a vicodin.

Perhaps you should step away from the needles for a moment and just roll naked in the yarn. Become one with the yarn.

Squidette and I have read your post twice and are a little confused. I think it is all the plain knitting in the round. Maybe the wind had something to do with it -- it's not so windy here but maybe they were sympathy winds.

We wish you a merry whatever and a Very Happy new year!!!

I'm one of the ones with the altzimers, so I can't remember anything about your balls.

*phhhhllllllllt* Hee

Still windy as fuck here. My ears/head can't take much mor. *sigh*

Which socks? Sounds like something I'd do. If it looks good go with it. *L*

Now I want some kind of soft warm homemade bread. Damnit.


balls? *L*

Who is "me" and what have you done with our Cookie...it's that damn alien abduction I know...or was she taken captive by the purple (should be pink) cult?

Wind can do that to you...whoever you are *G*

Trying to catch up. We took a 'little' drive and we're gone for a few days.

Merry New Year over there!


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