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Friday, December 29, 2006


I've finished one and I'm working on a second. 'kay?

What's the 202 stand for?

When are they due again?

Would those crazy kids be into a noro scarf you think? The colors are unisex. :D

Should I ask the Norma about that?

I'd fear I couldn't finish a whole new red scarf if I started it today. Ya know. Me slow.

I hope you are doing well, sweetie.

Now I have some M&M's I gotta go have a chat with. ;^)


Ditto on most of the questions from the otterly one. I don't have any red yarn :.(

But I am still looming hats for charity. (because at the speed I'm knitting with needles, it would be next winter until they got it)

yeah...me...three red scarves to send. That's three more than I sent last year..a 300% increase in reddish scarferly knitting by me.

Oh hell..that almost sounds like math...send the men in the white coats for me!

I like you when you nag. It's very becoming on you. :)

Mine should be ready for the mail on Monday. Well, that's assuming I don't get distracted again. btw, you're the nicest nagger I know *G*

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