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Monday, November 20, 2006


Eeeek!! only 18" with the one hank? Oy!!!

Well, i'll wait patiently to see what becomes of it!!

I like the blog change. Your photos stand out better this way. Odd that. Hmmm.


Maybe a red scarf project for an elf? It's sure pretty. I really suck at knowing how much I need to get for anything except socks. And since all my socks are the same, I've pretty well figured that out.

And yeah, your blog is looking quite spiffy.

Maybe kitty needs a scarf?
I'm all about froggin' these days, so I can relate.

I wonder if the blog looks different to everyone today. I love it. :D


I like the red scarf. That's a nice warm pattern.

That pattern would also do well on a Dulaan project as it's so thick and soft. :D

Plus I love me a rib pattern to knit. ;)

Can't wait to see what you decide on.


My favorite part of the entire post was the snort...I snort myself from time to time if something is particularly funny.

I know..it's part of my charm.


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