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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


first of all, you are not boring. And if I'm feeling better tomorrow you had better bet your ass I'm getting pictures. I love them so much and will keep thanking you.

Love your new look--so swanky!

Those look REALLY good, love. :D

I want a pair. At the rate I knit this may never happen...

Can I mail you yarn? *L*


I totally get the people who take you for granted, as you well know.

I feel guilty for being caught up in my own stupid crap and sucking at email lately. Espcially today. Is crying and hiding under one's desk consider a done thing?


I hope the stupid stop taking you for granted soon. And stop attention whoring it up at you so you can have some peace.

AND never boring.


Names. I want names of those that are causing you distress. We'll fix them, just you wait and see. Muthaz!
Pretty finger thingies you made there. You gonna make Otter a pair? lol

Oh, and maybe you should start a new blog. Instead of Shut Up & Knit, you can call it FO&D.

Awww babe I hope things are looking better today. Love the Fetching! And..what Dave said! Now I have to clean the coffee off the kb.

You won't be alone in hell. Oh, and if I cut you off on the way, feel free to let the road rage loose!
You are not boring, and the foggy Fetchings look great!

Ok. First of all...your blog is NOT boring. I visit almost every day, and sometimes twice, just because i can! So there!!

And there's no need to feel guilty about how you feel, we're all human and we have feelings. Let them flow.

Just be you. It's really all you can do. ;)

Also, no one can measure up to Dave's pics...so don't worry about it. Mine always suck!

Happy knitting!! LOVE the Fetching! thanks tons for the cool pic!!


You mean the photo wasn't taken through one of those special "fog" filters that is supposed to soften everything? They look great so be proud of yourself. They also look kind of like my version of Fetching for the violin teacher. Great minds think alike!

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Squidly Hugs!

Awwww....how did you ever get the idea that you are boring? I have printed out every one of your blogs and I have them taped all over a secret wall in my basement.

I worship and adore your blogginess...taken for granted..you are preachin to the choir sister.

I like Dave's idea!

If silk (or wool for that matter) came out of babies, I'd have a gaggle of them! :)

Ann kinda scares me.


& I love the FO&D thingy. *L*


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