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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Great Sky!

You are so damn fast with those mitts! :D

The only thing that would make going to a yarn store when you are depressed better would be if they would let you roll around in the yarn naked...

Yeah...I'm feeling that life sucks myself today.


Beautiful sky! I think the squirrels are adorable. I just saw them at the WEBS website and will probably include them in my next order.

I can't WAIT to see them....you rock!

Are you taking on knitting as a side line now??? Are you for hire?
Nice sky shot.

Wait a Minute!

What the hell happened to "Fetching"??

Aren't you "Fetching Along" with me??


LOL!!!! ;)


Pretty sky!

Haha I love going to the LYS when I'm depressed. Only problem is that I get more depressed after I see my ticket and realize how much I spent.

Ohhh, great sky! It's lovely.

Hey! It looks pretty around here! I need a do-over, but I'm sort of attached to the old. What does one do about that situation, huh?

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