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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hey! Nice to meet ya!

I really like the idea of the scarf reversing so it's down to black as the main color. Funky....

That doubleknitcheckeredscarfthingy looks pretty kool, actually. I like it. It's cool, even in non-wool.
That brown grey stuff would make nice socks. I can see it for that. Or even some manly mittens. But not for something near the face. No. Can't see it.
Me? Making? Um, started a sweater, a pair of mittens, and I have a few pairs of socks going on all at the same time. I LOVE having tons of needles so I can cast on endless projects. Makes me happy. This is the first time I've veered from the single-project-syndrome. Decadent, I know. I'm knitting wild, knitting FREE!!!! WOOHOO!!!! CAN'T STOP ME NOW!!!
Ahem. [Regaining composure again.] Yeah, I got some stuff going on.

I am feeling somewhat less of a knitter..I only have two projects going..three if you count the sweater I need to frog...

...and no time to knit on any of them much this week..

Stomping my feet..acting most childlike...

You are awesome. :D That scarf is coming along crazy fast!

The Cardi will be ready for Spring though and that will be hella cool! :D

I'm sorry that yarn isn't working out just yet. See what you can to make it work.

Hey, Tiny Black Heart, you open your Halloween Treat Bag yet? *L*


Okay, I know what I'm posting today. *L*


That scarf is looking fantastic!

Hey, don't feel bad, i've still not finished my cobwebs shawl that i wanted done for a campout in July...and then for fall usage...ummm, maybe next year?? LOL!! Well, i did have to rip back 50 some rows, so i have an excuse!!!!

Me? Oh, how kind of you to ask. Trying to finish my second set of Socktoberfest socks and thinking about starting something for a friend. And i really do need to block a baby kimono and add the ribbon ties and send it off to AZ.

Hmmm. What am i doing online??


Like you I am so loving that basket. I really like that checkerboard scarf, believe you me, it is worth the aggravation you are going through it really is awesome!


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