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Thursday, October 12, 2006


I've got some GREAT yarn that I think would look good on our Sweetums. :D Want me to take a piccie and email ya? It's simple and clasic and I think he'd really like it. :D I've got a few choices actually. I'm mailing you soon so I could stick it in the mail with it.

I'm sorry the other stuff didn't work out. I've not seen that in person so I've no idea. Sounds soft and warm though. Maybe add it to your chairty knitting stash. Warm trumps looks like a cat sat on it any day of the week I'd think.

And you're not stupid. You are doing new stuff. Mistakes are supposed to happen.


Sorry that the Rumor didn't work out for your project. It looked so pretty and soft.

Stupid? I think NOT. You're just learning new things. On my first job, my boss said that mistakes just meant you were trying. heh. I try a lot :-)

I just discovered that I can't seem to count to 26. I'm going to bed. good nite.

I had the same experience with the Rumor. Crap. I cast on for a scarf and it only lasted 4 minutes. Didn't like it at all. I'll use it for something, but....it wasn't what I hoped it would be.

Alright. I know you just said that you don't drink much, but if that ginger tea hasn't helped clear up that damned cat flu, you might be due for a hot toddy!

Cup o'tea, shot o'whiskey, bit o'lemon and stir. Drink up. Nap a bit or don't but at least the icky yarn will look better. ;)


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