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Friday, October 20, 2006


Oh, SURE you can block plastic yarn. Just use plenty of heat. Like an iron or a blow dryer. You know when it's done when it sorta melts together. Think of it as heat-set felting. You can start a trend. It'll be the rage, ya know.

I am not sure what made me laugh more, your post, or Dave's comment.

he he he...heat-set felting

LOL good posts and comments, good thing I wasn't taking a sip of my coffee.
What yarn are you using? One of these days I'll try double knitting, it looks fun. Have you lessens in your tension? Not good to have aching jaws.

No,really! If you do not mind the extra drapyness that will come from it, gently steam it and stretch to shape. Looking good!

I don't think it really needs to be blocked. It looks lovely as is, plus it's soft, which matters a lot. And he can actually care for it. *L*

Maybe a soak in that yummy smelling stuff and a stretch dry on a towl when it's all said and done just to finish it off.

I loves it! :D

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