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Monday, October 16, 2006


oh...from my hated red scarf experience I say run like hell from that scarf...bad karma and all.

I love the idea of knitting the two stockinettes and knitting them together. We don't get extra points for doing things the conventional way now, do we??

What about just one wide scarf with a single seam up the side? :-) The occassional duplicate stitch to keep things together so his mom won't know ... Hang in there!

Heck, the bad karma owuld come after you continued trying to make it work, and something REALLY bad will happen.
Stop now and make something else. Give yourself permission to do that. NOW. You'll be glad you did...

Take a break and see how you feel. If you still hate it then walk away. Knitting something you aren't having fun with isn't worth it and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to suffer.

And if he is okay with you suffering he'll have to answer to me. :/


Yeah I think a break is in order. Some days it's like I just can't do it, the next day I'm wondering why I was having so much trouble. Maybe if he chose other colors?

Oooh, I feel responsible. Breath, loosen up, and set it aside until you have some good time (and light) to spend with it!

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