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Thursday, October 19, 2006


How totally fun is that?? And the bamboo handles are a nice accent. I can see how they pick up just a hint of the lighter color. Nicely done. Did you use circs, DONs or those roundy needles on a cable to make it?

"Design element"---oh, I need to remember that one. A very nice bag!

oh I like that very much. Isn't felting just the most fun?

I love that bag, what an awesome project.
Did you find that the SWS untwists very easily and splits? I'm curious because I'm using it to make a scarf and it is untwisting to the point of annoyance, so was wondering if it was a bad skein or not.

I love it! Plus it's all functional n' stuff. :D

I think the little soy texture spots and a unique design element. It wasn't anything you did, but how the combo of the wool with the soy it in just natually reacted to the felting process. And love the hidden wings loop holding you did. Very Cool. :D

When you writting up the pasttern? I love the way the bottom sits flat for ya. :D

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