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Friday, September 22, 2006


Good match on the fabric. Keep hugging that happy place and have a lovely weekend.


This was written long before you "knew" me and maybe even before you read blogs, but you might be able to catch some parallels.


oh, the whole thing didn't fit in. Well, see my post of October 10, 2004. Or go into my blog and google, "hate kids." Heh.

And for the record? Still do.

Yeah, I hate kids, too. And I've worked retail in fabrics stores a while back. And screaming children get a loud, "HEY!" from me. And if the parents give me crap for telling their kids to behave, I'd tell them to get the f&$% out of the store and come back after theyve gotten a sitter. (And my boss totally supported my behavior, which was so cool.)
Glad you got the fabric. Even over proced, it's still a great match. And now it's the weekend. Yay!

You know how I feel about kids. Best with BBQ sauce!

Blah. Stupid people shouldn't breed. They make bad kids.

Love the fabric with your bags. :D I can't wait to see what comes of it all.

LOVE your cable sock thingies and that yarn too. :D


Fabu fabric...and can I say that your happy place became mine for a few minutes? SO pretty!

I am still giggling. I have kids..two of them..and they knew how to act in a craft store. (Maybe it was the cigarette burns I threatened them with?) My kids grew up in a house of a crafter when other kids were playing grocery store, my kids were playing UPS because I was either receiving orders, or shipping wholesale orders out.

They are both quite crafty...

BUTTTTTTTTT...I know exactly what you are talking about..for me it seems to be going out to eat. Every time there is some child SCREAMING and parents sitting there smiling...wtf?

Have I ranted enough? Wait, last week at the grocery there was a lady calmly pushing her cart...oblivious to the fact her kid was screaming at the top of his/her lungs..not crying..not mad..just screaming.

Do you think I was out of line to stick a cucumber in his mouth?



Too Funny!1

LMAO @ Ann, too!

I'm so with you on poorly mannered children and I love kids (maybe because I'm so immature for my age?? *laughs*)

Please don't tell me you didn't turn around and march back in that store and get a price correction on your fabric purchases? Ohhhh myyy.. please say you did???

Great fabric and colors, btw!!

Actually I generally like kids better than adults. That being said, the horrid children make me sad. Cause obviously their folks aren't the best in the world or they would know how to behave.

ooops, hit enter too soon. I love the fabric..what a great match! Sorry the day was so difficult.

Oh I know just what you mean about kids. UGH!!!!!


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