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Friday, September 29, 2006


I don't know if Betty does Knitting Addictions. ;-) Go with it -- it is much easier to give in to the addiction then to fight it and, as addictions go, this one isn't so bad!

Awwwww, poor kitty...

Look at that face! Oh my, she really isn't happy! LOL!

You are mean to kitty. She should lick your nose in your sleep.


I hope you don't blow your head up with all that. I wouldn't take the end of month birthday thing too seriously. I know the person who made the request won't. :?

I wanna see the neon socks now. :D

And the bags/zipper stuffies.

Which I'm still not sure why you said was felted in my style. I don't have a style. I've messed up everything I've ever felted. o.0

I hope y'all have an easy day of it over there.


I don't know if I'll be ready in time for Sunday- I have the sock yarn, but haven't chosen patterns yet.

*dials* Poison Control Center, how may I help you?

Nope, not Betty Ford. I hope someone can help ya wth that.

*pets cranky kitty*

That cat picture made me laugh outloud. I've had days where I looked like that..yesterday as a matter of fact!

There are worse vices you know..drinking..running with wild women and chasing young nubile men--WAIT!! That's my plans for next weekend at the Flo Ho Fest.

Breath in...breath out...repeat

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