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Monday, September 18, 2006


Oh I saw that yarn at Michael's yesterday. It's sooo soft and pretty. I'd never seen soy yarn before.I don't remember if I saw that particular color. People were being really pushy so I just headed on down to the Cotton Tots *G*. But from what I saw at the site, it's going to be a killer bag. Yay for you!

That's looking yummy! Another option (if you don't feel like the flaps) is to knit and felt some little bits to sew on as loops for the handles...

Wool seems to be the best place for pouting! I've been trying to remember that, lol!

The bag looks so pretty and soft. Is it as soft in person as it looks?

Opinions? I love that yarn..I need to get to Michael's and buy me something.

Thoughts? You're kidding right?

Ideas? I am pondering building a better mousetrap.

Knitting Therapy has kept me from killing and injuring many a time...

Glad you worked your way through the fog.


It knit up lovely. :D Can't wait to see the felted bag.

It's cool that you were able to get the same lot over there. :D

Did you find any Bamboo handles?

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