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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Looks Good! :D

You're a take no shit play by your own rules* kinda gal. I like that. *L*

*Well unless Norma says otherwise. :P

*pokeyhugs & runs*

Watch it or the Cable Police will come after you! Lovely scarf.

Oh I like that a lot. I'm quite impressed cause I've never even tried cables and there you go having them all go in the same direction for a long long time. WTG

You're crazy with the cheez whiz making those cables go the way YOU want them.

It looks fabu!

Wow! Looks great! I'll have to do cables... Someday.

It looks simply wonderful. Now I will need to copy you and do a red cable scarf next...

I'm really not liking knitting with this bleh yarn...I am going to use up what I bought..maybe and then finding red yarn in the good stuff..I have become a yarn snob.

It's PERFECT and perfectly wonderful. Patons Classic bled? That was a shocker to me. Anyway, thank you for the LINK. And now I have NOTHING to yell about. Damnit. :)

Wow! Just love this scarf!

No one reads your blog? I do. When I get time, that is. I love the red scarf. I have that pattern filed away-it's always been one I've wanted to knit. :)

Whoo hoo! Go you!

I love the way it turned out!

Wow, that turned out really nice! :-)

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