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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Kitties have small brains - maybe hers was just full up at that moment and she's perfectly healthy.

But when Kitty saw and sniffed it, it was in the bed with y'all. It's not supposed to be on the floor.
"What are you, and why are you on my floor? Hmmm you sort of feel like that yarn we had in bed. and smell like it too. I'd better keep checking in case you are an imposter. Have to protect my person, ya know"

I am kitty challenged, I have no idea....

...it sounds like something the 80 year old man would do though.

But wasn't it a bit larger? Couldn't that confuse the poor kitty? Just thinking out loud here ...

I would say definitely pets get Alzheimers, or something akin to it. I've heard lots of similar stories from other folks. But Vincent isn't even that old, and you should have seen him do almost the exact same thing with Little Pumpkin, which I had placed on the front porch, the other day! :D

She's doing it to screw with you.

Really. o.0

But yeah I think they can. Also keep in mind they see shapes and movemen t way better than color so she may not have really been looking at it efore. As it grows when you knit it becomes a new thing kinda. ;)

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