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Friday, August 11, 2006


Hang in there, it will get better. I'm kicking chocolate and that's hell.

Shrinky Dinks! (I have no idea what they are, but I hear they shrink. *L*)

That was very sweet of her. :D

Yes, the no caffeine thing does seem to be badly times. :/ I'm wondering if we "took a break" and started up next week or so if that might be better... I'm obviously not the one to be making this choice as I am sore all over and just know a Pepsi would cure me. o.0 *dies*

Hang in there, love. You can beat this! Although ya know Norma took some caffeine pills to get her through. Maybe you could make some Ice Tea or something to give you a little help with it.

Say hello to the woodpecker for me. :P


Yes, decaffeinating is bad. I went through it 6 years ago, and I'll NEVER drink coffee again. EVER! It was literally worse than kicking anything else. (Tough crap, I STILL bite my nails.)
And Kimberly is kicking chocolate? That deserves a big WTF???

Awww..you have my utmost sympathy for the caffeine kicking...It is tough even during the best of times.

I loved my Pepsi...every day would start with a Pepsi in my hand. I never thought I would be able to kick it.

I still need my tea though...but even caffeine free will work..but I don't stress over that much these days...just ask my scales, they will tell you..but at least its splenda and not sugar loaded pepsi.

Hugs to you

I wish you well in kicking you caffeine addiction. However, I recommend weening yourself off slowly. Your body is actually physically addicted and not at all mentally addicted. You will THINK you don't need caffeine and that you can get over the headache. But your body needs caffeine. You can use tea to ward off the headache - it's healthier than pop or coffee. Quitting incrementally will help you be successful. See: https://hopkinsnet.jhu.edu/servlet/page?_pageid=1721&_dad=portal30p&_schema=PORTAL30P

Be gentle with you right now, Cookie. *big hugs and take out her sling shot to go shoot Cookie's Woodpecker* Drink lots of water if you can... it will help your body to flush out the toxins better.

Sweetheart all I can say is {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{cookie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Otherwise, I know not to say a lot to a PMSing, noncaffinated femaloe LOL.

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