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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well I love varigated and think that's going to be lovely. Have you chosen a pattern yet? I was thinking today (when I was supposed to be working) that maybe I should dye something over Labor Day...since I don't have to actually labor that day. I can hardly wait!

Can't wait to see!!

Hey, no bashing yourself. I'm not even reading from Bloglines (rather, I have you on my RSS feeds list in Flock) but I'm here, too, and I have been enjoying your blog!

I can't wait to see how your freshly dyed yarn comes out when you knit it, too! (And I love the idea of it as crack, too. So much healthier, at least!)

Lovely yarn. Yes, I admit it, I am a blogsliner.

I love it muchly. :D

I like how your Varigated stuff come out. Very Cool.


You are such a comment S&(*&(...they are all going to come out of the woodwork saying oh yeah I read you.

Laughing...what is not to love about your blog...they either make me laugh, or make me think of something funny to harass you with.


Cool yarn. Yeah, I'm one of your 11 groupies. What of it?
So, you gonna open a shop on Etsy now that you are a dyeing goddess?
S H U T U P!!!

LOL I'm a groupie too, but I don't do Bloglines. I do it the old fashioned way..I pull down the bookmark.

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