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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yeah, and I blame Mel Gibson for cutting down my trees! I know he's involved. (He knows someone who knows someone who bought the building next to me that is being demolished. But, it's HIS fault.)

Oh good, a scapegoat! It's all Mel's fault that I have read the Entrelac dishcloth pattern for 3 days and couldn't figure out the very first of it. But once I blamed it on Mel (and while I was writing to Ann for help) it all became clear. Thanks Mel. Ann should thank Mel too cause my email made even less sense!

And thank goodness for Mama Squid and others who come to our rescue

Mel Made me forget which row I was on last night and I had to frog back a bit! Fucker!

He is the fault of everything. I think he may even be behind a few of the more icky things that have happened recently. o.0

Knitters help each other. Tis the way. I'm glad you found someone nice who knew what you needed to know. I may be after you for advice later on. *L* Need to start my Mittens ASAP!

*sticks a Pepsi and something salty under the rock for you* ;)


MAMA SQUID IS COMING TO THE CORNFIELDS...yeah can you tell I am excited? I get to meet the whole famn damily on Monday for breakfast. There will be photos..I hope I can control all of those squid tentacles all around me...do you think we will get extra silverware at the table?

I got the first part of the enterlac wash cloth..but I can't figure out phase two.

Shaking a fist DAMN YOU MEL!

It's the heat and the humidity, it is affecting my brain.

I am goofier than ever!


OMG you are right - It is all Mel's fault. It's his fault I have so many UFO's, and his fault that I had frog that dang dishcloth three times, and his fault that I had to ...


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