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Thursday, July 20, 2006


These are not difficult but the knitting can be tough on the hands. Make sure to make the cast on VERY elastic as it too, felts. Also, try to work the thumb loosely -- mine is pretty tight. I have made this pattern 7 or 8 times now. The last 2 I knit on longer cuffs after the felting to give better protection in the snow.

Good luck!

Ack- I need to start on my Bitchin' Mittens soon!

Heh heh, I got my supplies for my BM's today. And I like your pattern. I've been seeing that online. I like the idea of the matching beenie-torture. lol That alone is a vision. And it's NOT on me! Bwahahaha!

Ohhh I like those a lot! I'm excited to hear how they do. I love felting stuff!

Mitten popsicles..how cool is that?

Bitchin' Mittens...my butt needs to get in gear!

How can you top those fish mittens????

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