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Monday, July 31, 2006


You realize if you really were Mel Gibson your blog about issues with counting would have you on the front of the National Enquirer with some sort of learning disability.

I'm just sayin...

Mel...wtf were you thinking????


Take deep breaths and use a post-it to mark your place in the pattern. Good luck!

Can you just back off a bit and do something else? Sometimes if I take a break from a puzzle, solving it is a bit easier later on. LOL it sounds like I actually solve some doesn't it? Fooled ya!

And, I'm EVER so glad you aren't Mel Gibson. ewww

You can SOOOOOOOOO do mitten's, love. You do socks and they easr easier I hear. It is the thumb that is getting to you? I know you can do this just set it aside and figure out which way will work for you.

He is such an asshole. You are so NOT a Mel. *L*


I have feltable mitten patterns sans short rows if you want to talk about them... If that's the problem, anyway.

What'd mel do and what am I missing?

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