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Saturday, July 15, 2006


OMG Cookie, it's gorgeous!!! And it looks very difficult. I'm quite impressed. You did very very well!

That is totally amazing...I am so impressed. I printed out the cozy pattern. I may need to come to your house for lessons.


That's very pretty, and I like your KA color. It looks more lacy than I would have imagined the KP-DYO yarn would be. Very nice!

It looks gorgeous! How did you like the yarn?

I know nothing about yarn or patterns... or kitting for that fact. But I do recognize good work and a cool pattern when I see one. That pattern is sooo cool! It'd make a great tanktop (with cami under it), wrap or a lot of other fun things. You do beautiful work!

Great job, Cookie!! I have a large hank of undyed lace yarn that I'm too scared to go near so I admire your courage!

I love your version of Cozy MUch better than the one pictures at knitty. It's either your picture or the blocking, either way I love it.

I think I want to try this now. That way I can ask you when I get stuck what the heck I'm doing. *L*

You took great piccies of it alone. Although I'd love to see a full size piccie of it when you get a minute. ;)


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