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Friday, July 14, 2006


Blink...I should start making another baby quilt???

I can't wait to see cozy in all of her splendor.


I can't wait to see Cozy, tell it to hurry up and dry.

Mmmmm Mint Chocolate chip my favorite Mmmm enjoy.


Whiskey float? o.0 That sounds horrid. *L*

and yet... no no, horrid.

I'm glad the Baby likes the hat. How big is that boys head anyway? *L*

Oh and look into some pinning wires. I got some for when I'm ready to tackle on lace. Don't waste your money on the knit picks kit,. Just go buy some straight wires and slide through the outermost pattern bits and then you just use a handful of pins to block the whole thing while the wires do all the work of pulling it all out, but evenly. :D

You are not too stupid to do a sock from a pattern. Just have patience and be willing to take the time you need to get through it. You can do anything you want. :D


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