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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hi Cookie! Thanks for saying 'hi' on my blog! I look forward to seeing your bitchin' mittens and I hope that no cats are harmed in the process ;)

You're so cute. ;)

Oh and love the shirt piccie. *snicker*


Hi, Bonnie! You're welcome. Any friend of Ann is a future potential co-conspirator of mine. ;^)

She won't be hurt. She won't be happy, but I won't hurt her. *L*

Otter, I am so a total dork! You know that better than most. :p

Thank goodness it's an old old picture. I told him I get it when he's done with it... maybe before. ;^)


I sat at my computer eating Twizzlers totally enthralled by your answers. I may need to start a tickler file on you...

I'm just sayin' in case I need to blackmail you or something...



I'll pay...

... in cat hair. :p

I'm gearing up my courage to make toe up socks. Ok, maybe I'm just trying to actually finish a few things first, but they are my next project!

Love the t-shirt picture!!

The figure 8 cast on is a little scary the first time, but totally easy when you stop thinking and just do it. I've made test socks toe up and an iPod sock and love it. Now that I've figured out thw peasant heel, I'm really looking forward to making real toe up socks.

Finish things? I thought being a real knitter meant having a lot of things going at once. ;^)

Me, too. Isn't he lovely? :D

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