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Friday, June 09, 2006


I would have been impressed with the grey. :D

I like the purple though. Looks good with the tree. Knitted up pretty cool too. :D

What's the next dye project? I'm going to *TRY* to dye tomorrow. I haven't decided what colors yet. Lets hope I don't somehow turn the cat blue or pink... although that would be fun to take pictures of... *evil cat owner*

I hope you are having a good night knitting over there. I'll be b ack later. Napped and doing the bad movie night thing now. I'll poke ya tomorrow. ;)


I think grey would have been kinda cool, actually. It was just disappointing to see in the steamer thingy. *L* It's all about that tree.

I did a skein of fingering weight the other night for my wool version of Cozy. It's dry now and I need to wind it. I want to work on my bamboo version of Cozy before I start with the wool. I'll need the cooler bamboo if summer ever arrives here.

If you dye the cat, make sure it won't clash with her natural orange. ;^)

I'm restarting Cozy. Yes, again. :?


I like the Grape KoolAid socks!!! When I put the grape kool aid on some socks I was dyeing it looked black...but turned a pretty decent shade of purple...

It's tricky stuff..not as tricky as that frickin' white Kool Aid though.




It was so sad to see them be all grey. I'm not wild about their shades of grape, but it's better than grey. *L*

Ya know, every time I buy Kool Aid, I stand there and mutter about colorless Kool Aid. *L* It's a good thing I've been shopping at that grocery for ages or the baggers would be afraid by now.

Although, the one that looks like Jonny Depp already is. >:-)

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