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Thursday, June 22, 2006


You could lay some towels out on the floor and pin the wrap down on those. Then you can have fun keeping kitty off it. ;)

Or put towels on the bed. How big is this wrap anyway? *L*


Yes, and that would be fun. o.0

I'm thinking over six feet long/tall/something. That's before pinning/blocking/whatever.


Wow..that person's blog was very intimidating to me..hiding my picture of hats and stuff behind me.

Very cool stuff...I need to go back and really snoop at that stuff.


I know! I'm over here making 2by2 rib socks and fighting with Cozy and she's making such wonderful things.

However, knitting is about the journey and what we each get out of it. If it was a contest, I think I'd have given up by now. *L*

heh, my journey sometimes feels like I am traveling down a rutted dirt road but by golly the scenery is terrific!

As long as you remember to update with your location occasionally. ;^)

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