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Friday, June 16, 2006


Love your Mum's Yarn!! :D

Oh and I did your conditioner tip to my yarn. Faboo!

What yarn are you using for Cozy? I'm proud of you for getting back on the horse...er the cozy. *L*

Think Cozy and Liesel are working together to drive us insane? o.0 I'm not going to turn my back on these two I tell ya!


Me, too. *L*

I stole that idea from Claudia. She did it to a shawl.

It's 100% bamboo. It looks like a tiny I-Cord. It's kinda cool. I wanna get skinny and make a sexy tank using the Cozy stitch. Thank you. I knew I'd get back to it. Just needed a break.

You'll do it. Just need some time, I think. Life has been crazy busy for you for ages. Once things slow down a little, you'll get back into the swing.


Hmmm...I will have to try that conditioner idea.

Kool-Aid RULES!


It really helped when I did the Wilton icing tint. All that vinegar really dried out the yarn.

We love Kool Aid. :D

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