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Friday, June 23, 2006


OMG..I love that cozy a whole bunch. It definitely looks like it has been well worth the effort/frustration and challenges you have dealt with.



Which one? *L*

Thank you. I think it will be, too. I love the colors and I think I'll be happier with it once it's been blocked and the sides stop rolling up on me.



TypePad didn't take my comment through here. :? *SIGH*

I REALLY love the wool cozy blocked. That looks great! :D Really shows off your knitting and the yumminess of the yarn how you dyed it. :D

BamBoo Cozy is looking pretty cute too. :D How far along are you on it now? *bouncy*


My SockPalPerson had the same problem. I'm sorry. Not sure what if anything I can do. :?

Thank you! I need to finish that stupid cat hat so I can get back to my Cozies. *L* I'm currently working on a sock, so there is clearly something amiss with my plan. *L*

The bamboo Cozy is still at two balls. I need to go the yarn store, but I need to be less hormonal. I'll buy the place out if I go right now. o.0


Oh I didn't mean for you to fix it, honey. I think Typepad is being odd. I've had that at my blog even. *L* It just happens sometimes.

Get to the Cat Hat, woman!! Then you can play with cozies more. ;)


I should e-mail them or talk to support or something. It's not cool that peoples cannot comment if they want.

Oh, I know what you meant.

I'm starting to hate that hat. *L*

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