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Monday, June 26, 2006


Ooooo Love it! :D

Some of that fabric looks very familar. ;^)

How many quilts have you made, btw?

My self stripping socks may or may not match. I'm not sure. All that rainbow is making my eyes numb. o.0

Love the roses!!

Even the weeds look kinda nice in your garden. ;)


It should all look familiar. :p

Quilts? Two baby... one was a panel, one holiday panel, two large scale WTF was I thinking quilts, two or three or four... five? smaller ones. I can't think straight in the summer, so I have never quilted like some people we know. *L*

They are only socks, it doesn't matter. Repeat repeatedly. ;^)

Thank you. That feverfew smells like Lemon Pledge. I hate that stuff.


I am soooooooooooo very happy to see your quilted stuff. Thank you for humoring me..it's nice to know that you can be easily manipulated. :o)

Socks do not have to match..store bought socks match, hand knitted socks should be unique, not exactly alike. Dave told me that after the stripes did not line up on my first pair...wise words...


You're welcome. I think Otter is going to work on taking better pics of the quilt I made her. Maybe that's what I want you to think. ;^)

That does make sense. It's still going to annoy me, but it does make sense.

WOW, you have awsome talent! I'm soo jealous now...I can't wait to get my latest project done..

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