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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Those mittens are just luscious.

I love your new mittens! The pattern and the yarn are a match made in heaven:)

Beautiful new mittens. And, they match your sweater!!! And, the whining? The second one might require a hissy fit. Or, didn't that work, either? Hugs, dumplin'!!!!!

Just lovely!

Love the color, and I also agree on the cuff length. More is better. Happy New Year by the way! :)

They are so pretty! Did you go out to chip ice this morning so you could use them? ;)

Definitely a win, love them!

I hope you get a chance to wear your new lovelies! You can whinge all you want, but it's doubtful it'll get you anywhere. Ask me how I know.

I always think of live in a time of cholera when I read the title, which seems more like you. ;) alas, Kaiser is the model I keep seeing held up as the good one...


Love, love, love!

They are beautiful! Going to add pattern to ever-growing queue.

Thumb nipples, stop!!! I just snorted coffee and that's never good.

The mitten are gorgeous, do no leave them laying around if you're standing next to me. I shall steal them. There! I've confessed and not yet done the crime ;-)

Those are perfect! I'm always a fan of long cuffs on mittens, living in the Land of Snow-Up-My-Sleeve as I do...

Woot! Project win! I love extra long cuffs on mittens- no sneaking cold gusts up larger jacket arm holes!

I love them. I guess the one thing I really love about mittens is that you can knit them during the season when they should be worn, and still finish in time to wear them, even when there is lots of cabling like these mittens. They are a lovely way to show off that pretty handspun!

Yeah, I snorted at the title too. They came out lovely. A week!?!?!?

Those mittens are delightful! Re: nipply thumbs. All the kewl kids have them.

Oh, so lovely! I like longer cuffs, too. Nipply thumbs? Maybe not decrease down to so few stitches at the end? I don't really know either. Stephania is a local dyer here in Oregon, and she's a very nice person. Guess she has nice designs knocking around in her head, too! Congrats on warm hands AND warm wrists!

So cute. I wonder if I could make them gloves?

What? No Mrs. Vance angst? I am still mad.

I just love the mittens and the longer cuff -- just perfect!


Nice work on the mittens. I still have a pair of gloves that I made where I was so eager to get started on them that the cuffs are almost non-existent. Needless to say they're not useful. *Your* mittens, on the other hand, look very lovely, warm & useful.

Very pretty! And the colour of the yarn is so icy on their own...cool mittens that keep you warm. Irony! ;)

Love those mittens. They look like the perfect fit. Now you have an extra nipple or two but reallly - they look lovely. :)

Don't get me started on hospitals or insurance bullshit.

I love and those mittens! And as stated above, completely stealable. :-)

Those are absolutely lovely. Gorgeous pattern and they look so warm and cozy with an edge. :D

They are so beautiful and fit looks great! Twisted stitches really add that special something. I like that style thumb. The thumbs are what turn me off on a lot of stranded mittens because while the peasant thumb looks so nice in mittens sitting nicely for a photo, it's not so great on my hand. Don't nipply thumbs happen in cold weather?

I think you'll have a lot of company in that whingefest. xoxo

Pretty! Does it get cold enough for mittens where you live? ;)

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