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Monday, December 10, 2012


Alright, we need more details. Despite my best efforts, that label is unreadable.

Mmmm, cashmere!

OOOOH. A packet of Soak! And, fiber. Is it 100% cashmere? Inquiring minds want to know, Cookie!!!!!

That looks so fluffy! I can't wait to see it as yarn.

I want enough to wrap around my cold, cold shoulders!!! (and feet and hands!) Enjoy!

Yeah, I know what you did...what I've been doing a lot of lately...ordering off the internet. :)
Love it! It looks so soft and cozy. And it's just the perfect colors too!

Is that cashmere? If it is I'm stealing that from you...after you've spun it of course since I don't...


Lovely! I hope you enjoy spinning every little gram of it. And then eventually make something soft and fluffy and beautiful for yourself.

What gorgeousness!

Soft! Fingerless mitts, maybe? Cuddly hat?

Oh, pretty!!!

Nice! Whatsit going to be?

Speaking of spinning, I finally dipped my toes in that pond last week. I took 2 days of spinning lessons and am now looking at wheels. I don't need another hobby, especially if it will crowd my sewing/knitting room but........ Then I looked back at your posts to see what you spun on and the picture I saw when you got yours was one beautiful wheel. Will you share what kind it is? Thanks.

I love the way you think!

I've never spun a lick but I'm sure that pile of cashmere is lovely in all forms! Can't wait to see what becomes of this.

Bet that would make a great pillow. :)

In your hands this fiber is going to be beautiful when it grows up.


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