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Friday, January 20, 2012


ovens are for different cookies,,,xoxo
I do love the hat, in use even!

Another super cute hat!
I'm with kellys...wrong kind of cookie to put in the oven.
Have a good Friday!

Men are like that. Yeah, they are. But, we still want 'em. Ah, well. You have NOT been blogging too much. Somebody has to keep everyone in line. And, the hat? Seriously? I mean, seriously? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Happy Friday, Sweetie!!

Great hat, great pattern, perfect fit and color. So glad you're heads not in the oven. A grrl's gotta keep her head.
Had no idea Typepad had a photo editor. Looks good so far!

Heads are meant for hats. . . not ovens. Even when men are involved.

Hat on the head good, head in the oven bad. Great hat, btw.

Where's the pompom?
Men shouldn't be sweet unless that's their usual. Really, when they try something new it screws with the whole schedule.

Just your head, or your shoulders, too? How big is the oven?

Stick him in the oven next time. LOVE the hat!

It is a fabulous hat (I just typed "oven". I'm sure your oven is very nice, but not fabulous enough to put your head in.)

Aw, everyone stole all the good hats vs. oven jokes. I'll just say the hat rocks. xx

Awesome hat. You are slowly convincing me that I need to make myself one. I just made me a Noro slouchy hat and have vague plans for another hat that is soooo cool, just need to get the perfect yarn. Since I wear a hat only when the temperature is sub-zero, I really don't need a whole wardrobe of them, but I may rethink that.

You are slowly revealing yourself to your blog readers -- when will we get to see your face below the nose?

::ducks and runs away::

Love the hat; keep outa the oven--too hard to clean and all that. Try using a "crafter" glove--fingerless bland nude color--for the wrist.

What Anne said! but why wait for next time? :)

The hat is a beauty and the color is even better now.
I may need to knit one of them big cable hats one of these days too. That is if I will manage to stop gartering,,,,

Have a good weekend girl!

That hat is awesomely awesome. As are you. 2006 or not.

I was thinking you've been blogging a lot and I like it. The hat is great and I love that photo.

Seriously, stick his head in the oven, your head looks too nice!
I love the cable hat. Those cables. Love them! I can't remember if you knit this from a pattern because otherwise open up an etsy shop and sell them! I saw a shitty cable hat on my commute home yesterday. It was a mass produced number from the popular cold weather gear place that everyone around here wears. The cables barely went up to the crown and then disappeared and some weird nipple thing was on top. Yuck.
I may seriously have to succumb to a loose knit hat of some sort. The trouble with the hood on the coat is obscures my peripheral vision. Have a good weekend!

Ovens are not for heads, especially if they're electric ovens.

Love the hat!

Am totally willing to kick tlmiwel's head in, if you need me too.

Love,love,love the hat and the color is gorgeous! That is wonderful that you were able to correct the color issues. I'm convinced a little creature lives in my camera & screws up my colors everytime I take a picture. And please don't put YOUR head in the oven!!! There is a reason why oven mitts go on your hands. ;-) Sending a big hug in hopes it helps. :-)

Last man you'll ever love? Does that mean you're switching sides?

I'm glad to hear that the head (and hat) didn't go in the oven. It's a nice hat. It's a wonderful head.

Starting with the hat.

Absolutely Fabulous. Extraordinary. Love it.

BTW You haven't been blogging too much. It's been great. As a selfish non-blogger I've been enjoying your posts. It January. I need something to keep me motivate with the lack of light and all.

Must make a hat like your's. It's the 3rd day here with the temp not creeping above freezing. I've been wearing the same hat for days. A girl gets bored.

Happy Friday. At least I hope it got happier than the end of your post. Hate to see anyone with their head in the oven. Cleaning ovens is such a chore. (Smiles)

I love that hat! Great color too. Oh, and....Back Away From The Oven"

All the good hats/ovens jokes are gone. /pout
Not the last man you will ever love. The next-to-last man you will ever love. Important difference. After all, if I found a good one, anyone can.

The last man you will ever love? When they're a dime a dozen? And no, the oven is definitely for another kind of cookie.

Your Giant Head shows off the cabling in that hat beautifully.

I'm with Kitten... about men and being sweet.
You are so Lovely. Lovely.
Absolutely lovely, I'm tellin' ya!

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