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Sunday, June 14, 2009


That is so pretty! and I am in complete awe of how fast you knit!
I am really enjoying Harper's Island, too. Hope you had a great weekend!

I lost my mojo too while I was telling myself to only knit on the baby afghan to get it finished. Totally lost my interest. It came back as soon as I got something else on the needles so I can mix it up...

Pretty shawl!


Why did it kill your knitting mojo? If it was because all that mostly stockinette bored you, then I may still finish mine someday. If it was because the lacy part confused you, I shall frog my 2" immediately.


Beautiful shawl!

OMG! Harper's Island! What a horrible show! And yet...my husband and I watch it every week. It's a dark, shameful secret of mine but I don't want to stop! :-D

i think icarus was well worth the mojo murder. it's beautiful!!

as for harper's island? i didn't get to watch it yet. instead we watched this really crappy movie that was a total waste of time. /sigh

i'll let you know when i do get to it.

It's so beautiful! You just need a little mojo-resurrection, or resuscitation, or something like that. More yarn...

Four days? You are a machine. Do machines even *need* mojo? I just thought they needed a good lube job now and again.

I'm sorry it was a mojo killer - it is really beautiful! Hope you are having a nice weekend! (and what's the new yarn?)

Four. Days. OK, so here are some of my theories on how Cookie knits so quickly:
1. Wealthy insomniac who has a staff who cook, clean and do all the other mundane life stuff.
2. VAmpire ala Twilight--don't need to sleep ever AND can move super fast allowing for the super fast knitting

OK. That's all I've got.

Icarus is beautiful! The nailed-to-a-fence part is particularly sweet for reasons I refuse to think too hard about.

Four days? It's only fair it killed your knitting mojo for a day or two. Four? I must knit like a snail. Literally.

I am also very curious about why it killed your knitting mojo. It is so beautiful. And, perfect. And, beautiful. Ooops. I said that, but I think I really meant to emphasize it.

Four days. FOUR days. Days. wtf kind of hours are in your day exactly?
Four.Days. Your Icarus is stunning. Beautiful. FFDs?!?!? amazing. you don't sleep, right?

OMG. You definitely don't sleep OR you knit while you sleep! Very lovely Icarus indeed! What happened spinning wise? Let me know if I can be of help.

Gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, pinkie loveliness, extra pretty and exceptional!

It is so lovely and the perfect size for wrapping up in.

I do not think the mojo died, but is quite exhausted from such a large amount of knitting in such a very short time.

Don't worry. Something tells me your mojo isn't really dead.
This too, shall pass.
At least it's purdy.

Holy crap! It's gorgeous and you only took 4 days to do it?! I hate you (in a good way).

again so fast. Just amazing so pretty. One day, Icarus and I shall get to know one another!

OK, let's clarify. So you frogged and reknit the one you had already knit? And it took you 4 days?

Jeezus. I'm pretty sure mine took at least 3 months. It's one of my favorite things, and yours is absolutely gorgeous.

You are a wonder.


That's beautiful. I knit one ages ago out of handspun and it's one of my favorite shawls.

Beautiful, Cookie! Thanks for the detailed mods information. My Icarus in progress is in my carry on. I'm feeling organized enough this week to give it some quality time...hopefully with some significant row-age with your inspiration. :D

Oh so pretty! I love the idea of using a shawl for a dressing gown but I've never thought of it :S. I don't think you're completely spoilt yet. Best to keep at it and go all the way!

What about Icarus killed your mojo?

I'm with Cindycindy and Claudia and whoever else asked. I really want to know. Here is the deal, I really want to knit that shawl. I am knitting another Mim shawl and love it. I knit Seraphim, with all of the stockinette stitch at the top, thinking that would kill me, but it didn't. I loved knitting it. But then someone I know knit them both, Seraphim second, and said that she about wanted to kill herself with the boredom of the top of the shawl. Maybe it is just a bad vibe with that one? Need.To.Know. As much as I want to knit it there are a lot of shawl patterns out there....


I have temporarily run out of knitting projects. I'm sure something will speak to me soon.

I have not watched that show but perhaps I should have. A great way to "murder" without actually doing the deed.
A shawl, gorgeous btw, that is NOT for Norma? huh.
Enjoy it! It is beautiful!

Looks like we all want details about why Icarus killed your mojo, a blog post ready made.

Sweetie, go play in your stash, maybe mojo isn't really dead, just hiding in there.

'Tis beautiful in any case.


Happy Monday! I watched it for the first time the other night. Yes, we stopped long enough to watch tv for a little. :D


Beautiful!! I've always wanted to knit this...so pretty.

I've been looking for my spinning mojo for awhile too. I'm committing myself to the 10 minute a day rule. It helps that my spinning wheel is now downstairs instead of upstairs.

I'm sure it will pass within a week though. lol

it's gorgeous! when i get over my fear of lace knitting, this will go on my list.

I love your Icarus. Mine is a UFO because I lost my knitting mojo ages ago and I'm only knitting socks. I think seeing yours may have given me a mojo transfusion though.

Four. Days. If I didn't like you so much as a person I'd hate you as a knitter. ;op~

Sorry that hurt your mojo but it is a beauty. I've had Icarus in my queue for ages, I think I'll lov eknitting it for the same reasons you didn't (lots of plain rows with only stockinette or eyelets) and one of these days....

p.s. I just remembered I forgot to tell you how absolutely gorgeous that shawl is! It's truly beautiful! Lovely to behold!! It makes that fence look just awful!! I bet you look like a lovely fairy princes when you wear it!!

so there. ;op~


Icarus Revisited would also make a great name for a band.

I'm glad that you are happy with it and can send sponge candy if that's what it takes to get your mojo back in line.


Four. Days. *picking self back up off of ground after falling out of chair*

Damn you do beautiful work in record time darling.

Humbly going back to basic socks that munchkin requested.

You so put me to HUGE shame. I think i cast on for Icarus with some lovely yarn i bought form Dave, ohhh about two years ago. It's still only about 4 inches big.

And, Harper's Island!! Best thing on TV right now!!


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