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Friday, May 08, 2009


Yay, I'm excited about this whole SOS thing. Hopefully, I won't be one of the ones you start to hatin'. ;o)

Thanks for the heads up on SOS - I love doing that! But will you start hating me..?

Two lace? What did you start?

Darling, I think you're still hating from last year, which means the pool is moot.

If you see my Sock Mojo please dont' send him home. I really don't miss him...at all.

Woot!! Bitch-smakin! (grabs the popcorn)

Woo hoo!

Why is there never a "summer of sitting around doing nothing" or a "summer of I would totally knit that if I could get up off my wide butt"?

Just saying....

I'm on it! For once I'm here at the beginning instead of wondering when that (fill in the blank) started. All because of our dear Cookie.
Thanks for the heads up!

Ha! You added one thing since yesterday, cuz I looked. Or did you add 2 photos? Hmmmm..... You forgot dear Hemlock Circle who will wither and die on you for having forgotten her :-) I may have joined on the sock thang. Low stress sounds perfect.

I take Day Three.

I'm going to be doing what I've done every summer since I was 16 - becoming independently wealthy. Evidently it needs more than a declaration and a wish.

This is sock central for me. :D Another reminder for me to look up that magic sock book thing. The annoyances will start early---it just feels like one of those years.

No most socks contest = no sock requirements to meet = fewer opportunities for people to be deserving of the Cookie Hate? Fingers crossed. But you know I'll be hanging out with you on Rav and I'll hold anybody's arms behind them while you smack some low stress and fun into them!

I am also planning on going to Sock Summit this summer, so socks all around!

it looks like this summer will be "all shawls all the time". how'd that happen and where did my sock mojo go? o.O

So I'll go take a peek.
I really need to have a summer of spinning, what with all the fleeces I've got stacked up...

"Start" hating people??

I'm going to cheer from the sidelines this year. I'll knit a sock or two and have a margarita or three.


I'll have to do it in stealth mode - every time I join something it's like a curse for me to lose interest :)

DUDE! Are you moderating again? Would you like me to send you a case of pepsi? Or perhaps booze? Fine. I'm in. I'll join again this year.

Not that I'll get much done. xoox

Thanks for the link to her post - I told her Thursday that I'd donate a bag as a prize and she told me to post on the post but I was in Target and got all distracted with new shoes n stuff so I completely forgot and now...well, now I'm babbling. yikes.

I don't think it will take me too long to start hating either. Some of them over there need a slap lol.

I'm worried about you. Too much rav forum time could affect your gauge. As for my summer, that is too far away for me to plan. I hope to knit, spin, and have a bit of garden success.


Sooo, what's your ravelry name, so I can friend you and see your stuff?!?!?

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