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Friday, March 20, 2009


Pretty! I may wax mine before I graft it.
If I ever get to that point.

Oh, that's lovely! I really want to knit some lace.

That is one pretty lace along. And, the grass looks wonderful to me. Ours is still brownish. Happy weekend!!!

Ooooooooooooo Pretty pretty.

Mow later. That's my motto.

Holy crap, you beat Joan! Beautiful as always.

So purdy! You must be knitting in your sleep.


Both you and Joan are having feed issues. I had to come looking for you. Good thing my internal post radar is working!


Ahhh, sweet green! :)
You really MUST knit in your sleep!

Mowing. You are just using fighting words. Mowing. I'm still SHOVELING, almost. That first mow of the year really is like good sex. After that, though, it's kind of like.... bad sex.

Hey Norma! Great Analogy! Hee. :D

Lovely. Knits in Nature. Honey, you need a lawn boy, and that's as far as I'll go with that topic.

My feeds are working just fine...when I get to them. :D

google reader -just- notified me of your post. hrm.

the stickiness sounds most unpleasant, but it looks totally worth it to me. can't wait for more pictures!

What's in the pot? :D You don't have to mow until the weeds start singing. Luckily, I found a little man to mow the front yard for $10. I just got all of the leaves off the "hill of DOOOM!" ™ so that doesn't have to be mowed for another couple of weeks. I really thought of leaving them so the grass doesn't grow, but I still did the right thing. I will definitely be hiring a little man to mow that thing.

It does look beautiful. Have you blocked it yet? Do you still need a hallway? I has one. :D

Happy Saturday!

Lovely knitting. I know exactly what you mean about sticky yarn. I think my fingers must hold a lot of static because I get that problem a lot.

Holy cow, do the nupps really, really show up in that photo or what! I am sure that is why you posted it. Actually, I winced to see your lovely new lace lying on those concrete steppers and surrounded by all that outdoors -- hope it didn't decide to attract some dirt while it was being tortured like that. You can send it to my house if you want; I promise to feed it and pet it and call it George.

Thanks for the great post. Its a valuable one for all of us.

So pretty! Can't wait to see more pictures - of the lace, not you mowing :-)

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