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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I believe the threat was about HISSING packages. This is the rattlesnake state, after all. And they're so soft and cuddly.
Okay, I might have to go get that book. Damn. Cuz I NEED to make bread every day.

Love homemade bread....you gotta knead it though....it's SO good for working out frustration! Just imagine the dough is whoever/whatever you're torked with and go at it. :)

Mmmm. There's nothing like the smell of bread baking.

They artisan bread blog (you can google it) tells how to make pizza, pretzels and other yummy goodies from the dough. You can have anything you want!

Feel free to send me a loaf of bread.

Your shawl is gorgeous! Oh no! Yesterday WAS Mark Harmon day, wasn't it? And Leverage day! I forgot. That parade did me in.

Damn you, you book/bread pushers. ;op

mmm. Bread.

Is it really still Wednesday?


The cover of your book is making me want bread. Now.

Too bad I'm too darned lazy to make it. Heh!

WHY do people keep flaunting that bread book when I really shouldn't have bread????

I have a bread making book that I adore. The more you knead the tougher the dough. It is so so true. I love to make bread and feed people I adore (since I can't eat it, dang). I'll be very interested in a tiny review of your new book and its approach.

Mmmmm, bread. Is that yarn some Lorna's Laces? It looks exactly like the toe warmer sock Cathy-Cate made for my poor toes last fall.

I got a bread jones yesterday too, and made a loaf of plain ol' buttermilk white. YUM. I love hot bread.

I love the book but I have to admit that I haven't gotten beyond the basic bread recipe. I really need to expand my horizons!

oh those are pretty socks.

i can't believe it's only wednesday. i feel like this week has already been by twice. did that make sense? am i making any sense? i didn't think so. blame it on the damn cold pills. :P

All of this homemade bread talk has made my stale bread peanut butter sandwich less satisfying. Still, I am not ready to give in and try baking my own. I suppose I am being stupidly stubborn.

OH! swoooon, a sneak peek at the socks! You are amazing.

ps Ok you non-believers, the no knead artisan bread is fabulous, I wouldn't have believed it either. Haven't hit a bad recipe in the book yet, and it really is ony 5 minutes of dealing with the dough. (not counting letting it sit) It is heaven for a bread snob watching the budget.

Pretzels? Yum. The colors of your SIP are lovely. Your commentors are so informative...I'll have to find the bread blog.

I gotta find out about this bread thing. I'm thinking I might need to stop reading your blog because I find this odd need to do everything YOU do (I am such a follower!) and there just aren't enough hours in the day. Seriously. :)

You are making me feel bad for neglecting my bread machine.

And I hope to have pics for you soon. I want to do your fabulous work justice!

This book has been on my Amazon list for a while - maybe its time to buy it - bread..yum!

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